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B.P. Flight Training
Based in Muskoka/Parry Sound. Offers courses from recreational pilot license to commercial pilot license. Requirements, staff and facilities.
Location / City: Parry Sound, Ontario . Web Site:

Bala Museum
The Bala Museum is in Bala, Muskoka! The Bala Museum features memories of Lucy Maud Montgomery, famous for writing Anne of Green Gables
Location / City: Bala, Ontario . Web Site:

Glen Mhor Camp
195 acre campground in Muskoka wilderness, offers cabins and a lodge.
Location / City: Baysville, Ontario . Web Site:

Huntsville Adventures
Huntsville, Lake of Bays, Algonquin Park, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. The areas of Huntsville, Lake of Bays and Algonquin Park await you with a multitude of adventures...
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Muskoka Cycling Club
Muskoka Cycling. home to Ontario's greatest cycling. Come ride with us.
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Muskoka Lakes Museum
Located in Port Carling with over 5000 artifacts. Strong focus on the marine exhibit, also glassware, pioneer tools, postcards, and a Victorian collection.
Location / City: Port Carling, Ontario . Web Site:

Muskoka Marine Museum
Ontario's largest collection of donated wood boats and private restoration shop for enthusiasts.
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Muskoka Heritage Place
Located near Huntsville Ontario, offers a pioneer village, steam museum and collection of historical Muskoka photographs.
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Park-to-Park Trail
The Park to Park Trail connects Killbear Park to Algonquin Park, The Park to Park Trail is available for a variety of uses including hiking cycling cross country ski...
Location / City: Muskoka Region, Ontario . Web Site:

The Rivers Muskoka Pages
Pictures, restaurants, golf courses and other Muskoka activities.
Location / City: Muskoka Region, Ontario . Web Site:

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