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Albert Eatock
Row boats and electric boats built with lapstrake construction technique.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Eatock/eatock.htm

Amanda Greavette
Primarily based on the figurative, with an effort to focus on contemporary application.
Location / City: Severn Bridge, ON . Web Site:

Amy Doxey
a multi-media artist living who expresses beauty and joy in her work while emphasizing subtlety and simplicity.
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Doxey-Amy/doxey-amy.htm

Andrea Turnbull
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Turnbull/turnbull.htm

Andrew Collett
professional landscape and nature A photographer, specializing in dramatic light photography.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Ashbys Glass Studios
Expressive hand blown glass and delicate glass miniatures.
Location / City: Bracebridge,  . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Ashby/ashby_kathy.htm

Auburn Gallery of Fine Art
Third generation artists who operate The Auburn Gallery of Fine Art.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site: 

Backwoods of Muskoka
Handmade pillows and crafts
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/White/white.htm

Barb Morton
Stained glass commissions.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site: 

Bill Urban
A somewhat hard edged version of expressionism which sometimes converges with personal symbolism and figurative abstraction.
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site:

Bonnie Bews
Hinterglas Paintings
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Brenda Wainman Goulet
Sculpture - bronze on stone landscapes and whimsical figures.
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site: 

Brenda Wainman Goulet
A sculptor for over 20 years, exploring the beauty and versatility of bronze, combined with stone, shell or bone. Describes her sculpting process and includes galle...
Location / City: Muskoka Region, Ontario . Web Site:

Bruce Litteljohn
Fine art photography
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Litteljohn/litteljohn.htm

Carola Grimm
A self taught artist who creates paintings, 3D paintings and whimsical sculptures.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Cathy Potts
Hand carved and sculpted Emu egg shells with a variety of Muskoka images
Location / City: Milford Bay, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Potts/potts.htm

Christine Ellard
Glass artist
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Christine Marshall
Canada’s First Lady of Wildlife Art, creates breathtaking original paintings on canvas in immense detail
Location / City: Bala, ON . Web Site:

Dale Durnan
Memory portraits of life and times both old and new.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Durnan/durnan.htm

Dan Blix
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Blix-Dan/blix.htm

Danielle Drolet
One-of-a-kind, fully jointed German Schulte mohair teddy bears.
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site:

David Cureton
a stringed instrument maker and artist who has been making and repairing harps, guitars and other stringed instruments since 1990.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:  

David Raithby
Exceptional photographic moments and creative watercolour painting.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Raithby/raithby.htm

Diannah Benson
Calligrapher & Lettering Artist
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Don Clement
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Donna Austin
Evanishyn Clay Form - Sculptures incorporating organic shapes and natural elements.
Location / City: Innisfil, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Austin/austin.htm

Dotti Potts
Handmade porcelain
Location / City: Utterson, ON . Web Site:

Earle Barr
Beauty through photography and woolpainting of wildflowers, garden flowers, landscapes, architecture, and natural habitats.
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:

Elaine Cotterell
Muskoka-designed glycerine soap for kitchen and bathroom.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Elke Scholz
An international artist who paints, teaches fine arts and manages a successful art studio. She is director of The Summer Art in Muskoka and facilitates workshops.
Location / City: Bracebridge, Ontario . Web Site:

Eric Tenn
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

For the Love of Art
Studio and Gallery 
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site: 

Frances Barr
Frances’ discerning eye captures the elusive quality of artistry that exists all around us.
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:

Gail Wilson
Stained glass
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Wilson-Gail/wilson-gail.htm

Gayle Dempsey
She is committed to reclaiming and promoting Muskoka’s rich culture and heritage both locally and globally with a view to facilitating international cultural exchang...
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Dempsey/dempsey.htm

Geila Bar-David
Vibrant paintings that are, above all, a celebration of beauty, joy, and love.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Get Bent Metal - Custom Metal Fabrication
getBent Metal Fabrication specializes in providing exceptionally high quality, detailed custom metal fabrication, steel, stainless steel welding, aluminum welding, c...
Location / City: Gravenhurst, Ontario . Web Site:

Gina Denne
Muskoka inspired carved pottery to suit a wide range of taste.
Location / City: Severn Bridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Denne/denne.htm

Glenn and Gina Robinson
Handcrafted furniture and wooden gift accessories
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Robinson_Glenn/robinson-glenn.htm

Gourd Collectibles
Unique gourd art created in Muskoka, Canada. Pine needle basketry, masks, bird houses, doll houses and musical instruments.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, Ontario . Web Site:

Greg Damery
Fine art/painter
Location / City: Bala, ON . Web Site:

Hannah Lin
A fibre/mixed media artist with a home-based studio.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Hilary Clark Cole
A sculptor in welded steel and bronze.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Ildiko Tanneberger
Painting on furniture and wooden gift items, decorative murals, watercolour, pastel and acrylic paintings.
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Tanneberger/tanneberger.htm

Inspirations In Watercolour
As a watercolourist, Glenda gains inspiration from the bold shapes, colours and patterns of the Muskokan flora found near her Moon River gallery.
Location / City: Bala, Ontario . Web Site:

Irene Peel
Artistic crafts.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Jane Gordon
Oil paints and a palette knife to describe the texture and colour of Muskoka's landscape
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Gordon/gordon.htm

Janet Stahle-Fraser
Woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, monotypes, paintings, wall hangings, as well as fine art book printing and binding.
Location / City: Baysville, ON . Web Site:

Jen Morgan
Works in watercolour, acrylic, pen & ink and linocut.
Location / City: Windermere, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Morgan/morgan.htm

Jenny Kirkpatrick Photography
Jenny is a professional photographer living in Huntsville, Ontario.
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Jim Armishaw
Chip carved clocks, anniversary plates, jewellery boxes and more.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Armishaw/Armishaw.htm

Jim Bird Garden Scapes
Planters, birdbaths and fountains designed and hand made from hypertufa, an ancient European technique.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Bird/bird.htm

Jim Carter
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site: 

John de Lang
Authentic wood carvings of songbirds and other wildfowl.
Location / City: Kilworthy, ON . Web Site:

John Murden
Original watercolours and limited edition prints are collected world-wide.
Location / City: Baysville, ON . Web Site:

Johnathan Bullock
Stoneware pottery meticulously hand carved and richly glazed with jewel tones and bronze accents.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Bullock/bullock.htm

Jon Partridge
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Partridge_Jon/partridge-jon.htm

Juddhaven Studio & Gallery
Offering an eclectic mix of fine art from Muskoka and beyond.
Location / City: Minett, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Juddhaven/juddhaven.htm

Karen Robinson
Pen and ink drawings
Location / City: Emsdale, ON . Web Site:

Kelly Holinshead
With a readily apparent passion for her work, she is known as a leading photographer in the region.
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site:

Functional art, one-of-a-kind creations, are turned by Don Thur from the most unique burls found in this legendary Ontario lakeland.
Location / City: Utterson, Ontario . Web Site:

Laura Bombier - Photographer
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Lee Helmer
Graphite or coloured pencil drawings, watercolour paintings.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Helmer/helmer.htm

Liana Tumino
Fresco painting
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Linda McRae
Location / City: Washago, ON . Web Site:

Lindgren Pottery
Handmade stoneware pottery; tiles, murals and basins. Functional pots for the kitchen, table, and garden – also sculptural pieces. Occasionally porcelain and raku. S...
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Lyle McIntyre
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site: 

Lynn Norris
Wildlife painting and painting on wood.
Location / City: Bala, ON . Web Site:

Lynne Hollingsworth
Watercolour or acrylic or soft pastel
Location / City: Newholm, ON . Web Site: 

Margot Snow
Watercolour painting.
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site: 

Marilyn Campbell
A multi-media artist who expresses her ideas and life experiences through acrylic paintings and cement sculptures.
Location / City: Parry Sound, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Campbell/campbell.htm

Mark Connors
multi-media abstract painter, and an electric/acoustic composer in the ambient music genre.
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site:

Marni Martin
Hand woven tapestries and one-of-a-kind scarves and wraps. 
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site:

Maureen Haines
Stained glass artist
Location / City: Washago, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Haines/haines.htm

Mendelson Joe
Quintessential Canadian outsider artist. 
Location / City: Emsdale, ON . Web Site:

Michael Doxey
Combining an innovative approach to the technical side of ceramics with personal artistic expression. 
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Doxey-Michael/doxey-michael.htm

Michelle Basic Hendry
Inspired by the beauty of rugged landscapes, interpreting them with mood and energy.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Muskoka Place Gallery
Showcases fine art by established and emerging artists.
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Muskoka-Place/muskoka-place.htm

Muskoka Place Gallery
Showcases fine art by established and emerging artists.
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Muskoka-Place/muskoka-place.htm

Nancy Gray Ogle
The wildlife paintings by Nancy Gray Ogle have been part of the Muskoka landscape for the past eighteen years. 
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Gray-Ogle/gray-ogle.htm

Pat Fairhead
Sweeping expressive landscapes and gardens of a Master Watercolourist. 
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site: 

Pat Whittle
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Whittle/whittle.htm

Peter Buwalda
Works in acrylic ink on stretched paper.
Location / City: Huntsville, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Buwalda/buwalda.htm

R.W. Haviland
A professional visual artist living and working in Ontario's Near North.
Location / City: Burk's Falls, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Haviland/haviland.htm

Richard Ellard
A world traveled and skilled coppersmith.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Richard Robinsn
Vibrant oil paintings which capture the beauty and majesty of Muskoka on canvas.
Location / City: Baysville, ON . Web Site:

Richard Sawyer
Location / City: Minett, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Sawyer/sawyer.htm

Roberta Twaddle
Furniture design
Location / City: Port Sydney, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Twaddle/twaddle.htm

Roger Pearce
The Painting Doctor
Location / City: Kilworthy, ON . Web Site:

Ron Murdoch
Works mainly in watercolours and oils, using various other mediums as the subject dictates.
Location / City: Dwight, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Murdoch/murdoch.htm

Saldutto Watercolours
Anthony Saldutto is a renowned Canadian artist with a story to tell. Combining his police experience with a natural ability in art, Anthony has created some endearin...
Location / City: Woodbridge, Ontario . Web Site:

Sara Doberstein
An oil painter who thrives by experimenting with different techniques.
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Sara Hall
Portraits and figure drawings
Location / City: Minett, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Hall/hall.htm

Scott James Owles
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:

Pencil portraits and paintings by Jennifer Pimentel.
Location / City: Huntsville, Ontario . Web Site:

Simon Bisley Hot Glass
Vibrantly coloured glasses, perfume bottles, paperweights, friendship balls, plates, vases, and more.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Bisley/bisley.htm

Stahle-Fraser, Janet
Paintings and short-run editions of hand-pulled prints and monoprints by this Artist from Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Many of her original images are reproduced as art...
Location / City: Baysville, Ontario . Web Site:

Stephen Sprague
Fine furniture and architectural detailing featuring carefully selected native hardwoods and traditional joinery techniques.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Susan Eck
From landscapes to abstract patintings inspired by colour, nature and energy.
Location / City: Utterson, ON . Web Site: 

Suzann Partridge
A multi-media artist specializing in sculptures for garden and home.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Partridge_Suzann/partridge-suzann.htm

Tapawingo Studio
Paintings and short-run editions of hand-pulled prints by Janet Stahle-Fraser, of Muskoka, Ontario. Many of her original images are reproduced as art cards, matted a...
Location / City: Baysville, Ontario . Web Site:

Tapawingo Studio - Selection of Art & Prints
Janet Stahle-Fraser is a painter and printmaker.
Location / City: Baysville, Ontario . Web Site:

The Red Canoe Gallery
Displays arts and crafts from over 100 of Canada's award winning artists and craftspeople.
Location / City: Port Carling, ON . Web Site:

The Silver Bridge Gallery
Representing established and emerging artists from Muskoka and across Canada.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Tim Du Vernet
Wooden boat & cottage portraits
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:

Tom Kendall
Carvings in wood, stone and gourds.
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Kendall/kendall.htm

Tony Varney
Location / City: Gravenhurst, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Varney-Tony/varney.htm

Twisted Pine Studio
Unique Natural Sculptures
Location / City: Haliburton, Ontario . Web Site:

Wendy Moses
Watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings
Location / City: Bracebridge, ON . Web Site:'_Studios/Members/Moses/moses.htm

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